Friday, 10 August 2012

New shop for Newport!

The City Centre of Newport is well on the way to recovery with the opening of another shop that will allow the City to compete with the likes of St Davids 2 in Cardiff.

The new Banardo's charity shop on Commercial Street was officially opened today by local Member of Parliament, Paul Flynn who buys all of his clothes at charity shops in his constituency in order to keep up his appearance of being dressed like a tramp.

A spokesman for the City Centre said, "Its says something for business in Newport when we can attract big names like Banardo's to our City, along with Shaw Trust and all the other big players in the charity shop sector. Cardiff may have Saint Davids 2 and House a Fraser but you won't be able to pick up a Jeffrey Archer novel or an X-Files video at any of their swanky stores".

Newport City Centre has recently seen an increase in footfall, this was due to the number of visitors who came to the City to view newly installed water feature in Westgate Square, which may become a permanent feature.