Thursday, 3 September 2009

Walking past a High Street pub in Newport the other night, one of the the Editors came across these signs in the window of the Greyhound. Now neither blog Editor has not frequented this establishment in many years, Ye Olde Murenger House being the favoured drinking hole in the City Centre, but what type of pub has to put a notice in the window stating that "Footwear Must Be Worn at All Times"?
I had not realised this was ever a problem in Newport with customers not wearing shoes on a night out, after all we are very close to a sandy beach, well a muddy river to be exact, but is it really necessary to put a notice in the window to that effect? Apparently the management of the Greyhound deem it necessary.
We can understand the bit about "No Hoodies and No Tracksuits" and it is no great loss as the chavs are catered for by 4 Wetherspoons elsewhere in the City Centre, but "No Hats". One of the Editors regularly wears a hat, an expensive Australian leather hat that keeps his head dry in the rain and protects the (ever increasing) bald patch from getting sunburnt. So they are telling me to take my custom elsewhere if I wear a hat out? Don't think I will be going into this pub anytime soon.

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