Saturday, 7 November 2009

Newport Council Announces Car Park for Rider Cup

In anticipation of the Rider Cup 2010, Newport City Council have designated the estate of Ringland as a "car park zone". This means that anyone who wishes to drive to the Celtic Manner can leave their car in the relatively safe area of the Ringland estate and return a few hours later,safe in the knowledge that the local wildlife will not have broken into the car, stolen the tyres, bricked the window or set fire to the vehicle. The above photo shows the rear of the Ringland shopping centre, one of the designated parking areas. The Ringland shopping centre will soon rival Crib's Causeway as an out-of-town venue for high quality designer goods, alongside the discount supermarket, bakers, chippy and betting shop that already grace this monument to 1960s town planning. There are high hopes that the local pub, the Battleship, sorry Friendship but last known as Harveys will be reopenning soon as no one has been stabbed there for almost a year.